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Questions to Ask About Social Skills Groups

Choosing the right social skills provider for your child can be a confusing job. Watch our quick video to learn five questions you should be asking every social skills provider or browse our list of questions below to decide what's most important for your family.

Ready to interview providers face-to-face? Download our question sheet to help guide your interview.

Sample Questions

The following questions are examples of what you may want to consider asking when meeting with a social skills group provider:

What is the typical group composition?

  • Are participants a mix of typical peers/role models and children with social skills challenges?
  • Is the group solely for children with social skills challenges?
  • Are participants from primarily one type of diagnosis (ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, etc.)?
  • What is the ratio of participants to staff?
  • What is the average group size?
  • Are participants typically in the same age group?

What is the group schedule like?

  • How often does the group meet?
  • How long is a typical session?
  • Does the group continue from season to season (for example, after completing the fall group, can my child enroll in the winter group?)

What is the staff background?

  • From what area of expertise do staff come? Speech-and-language related field? Behavioral therapists? Social workers/counselors? Coaches? Volunteer facilitators?
  • Do the staff have any special credentials?
  • What types of social skills groups have the staff run in the past?

Are social skills explicitly taught or is the group more of an opportunity to practice social skills that are taught elsewhere?

  • Do staff take more of a teaching role (actively teaching social skills and when to use them) or a facilitator role (helping participants practice social skills they have already learned in a safe environment)?
  • Where and how do you practice social skills?
  • Will practice work and examples be sent home after groups? How often and how much time should we expect to spend at home?

If social skills are explicitly taught, what methods are used?

  • Do you use a formal, social skills curriculum (for example, SuperFlex)? If so, which one?
  • What teaching tools do you rely upon most? Video modeling? Paper/pencil exercises? Role play? Board games? Large-group interactions? A mix?

How is progress communicated?

  • Does the staff develop specific social skills goals that are tailored to my child?
  • How is progress on a goal measured and communicated?

What funding do you accept?

  • Insurance?
  • Family resource dollars/NEON?
  • Campership dollars?
  • Scholarship money?
  • Grants?
Need to learn more about funding? Check out our Finding Funding How-to Guide.

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