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WEbsites, VIDEOS & Articles: Disability & Inclusion

This list identifies websites, videos and articles that families can use to build understanding.

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Not Sure Where to Start?

For featured resources, see the Disability & Inclusion Resource Guide.

The following website offer resources where families can learn more:

ADA Information and Technical Assistance
Includes resources and information to help people with disabilities understand their rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Disability Visibiltiy Project
Publishes written and oral stories of people with disabilities and offers online spaces for people to connect.

National Center on Disability and Journalism (NCDJ)
Maintains a disability style guide (both English and Spanish) with preferred language and tools for understanding terms used in the disability community.

Parenting without Pity
Stortyelling project where disabled parents draw on their own experiences of disability to help parents be better allies for their disabled children.

The following videos lift up disabled voices and can teach families more about disability:

How Autism Freed Me to Be Myself, R. King (TED Talk on TED.com)

I'm Not Your Inspiration, S. Young (TED Talk on YouTube)

I've Got 99 Problems - Palsy is Just One, M. Zayed (TED Talk on YouTube)

Not Special Needs | March 21 - World Down Syndrome Day | #NotSpecialNeeds (YouTube)

Reflections from an ADA Generation, R. Cokley (TED Talk on TED.com)

Special Olympics Let Me Be Myself - A Champion, M. Williams (TED Talk on TED.com)

The following articles lift up disabled voices and can teach families more about disability:

'Disabled': Just #SayTheWord (NPR)
Interview with Lawrence Carter-Long on the beginnings of the #SayTheWord movement and why disability visibility is important.

Identity-First Langauge (ASAN)
Essay from Autistic Hoya explaining why identity-first language is preferred by many autistics.

It’s Time To Stop Even Casually Misusing Disability Words (Forbes)
Andrew Pulran explores disability language that are offensive and suggests ways to use includive langauge.

Fair Housing for People with Disabilities (Fair Housing Center for Rights and Research)
Overview of rights and protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it related to housing.

My Joy is My Freedom (Elle)
Essay by Keah Brown on the experiences of joy and pop culture by minorities with disabilities.

3 Reasons to Say "Disability" Instead of "Special Needs" (Unpacking Disability with Meriah Nichols)
Meriah Nichols breaks down arguments for using the term, "special needs," to describe people with disaiblities.

Haben Girma: Why I Never Tell People With Disabilities to "Just Work Harder" (PopSugar)
Haben Girma shares her expereinces of discrimination and employment.

Why “Special Needs” is Not Helpful (Medium)
Rebecca Cokley offers 10 reasons why she beleives people should stop using the term, "special needs."

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