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Websites, Groups, Downloads & Apps: Gifted or Twice-Exceptional

This list identifies websites, online groups and downloads that families can use to help build understanding as well as apps for mobile devices that have helped families with a gifted or twice-exceptional child.

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For featured resources, including our "top four" websites, downloads and apps as recommended by experts in the field, see the Gifted or Twice-Exceptional Resource Guide.

The following websites have been recommended by Connecting for Kids families as useful resources for families with a gifted or twice-exceptional child:

2e Newsletter
Offers articles and information for families with a twice-exceptional gifted child. Back issues can be found at 2enewsletter.com. For all issues after October 2018, see the link below.

Collection of resources for families who homeschool gifted children.

Davidson Institute: Gifted Database
This database features easy search capabilities for articles, resources and state policy pages to help students, parents and educators pinpoint gifted information.

Hoagie's Gifted Education Page
Massive collection of articles, archives and book recommendations on the topic of giftedness and twice-exceptional learners.

Hoagie's Gifted Education Page: Inventory of Tests
This page lists tests commonly administered in the process of evaluating a gifted child, with various links to additional information on each test.

LD Online: Gifted and LD Page
Collection of resources for twice-exceptional learners who struggle with a specific learning disability.

Mensa: BrightKids Pinterest Collection
Collection of lessons, enrichment activities and articles curated by Mensa.

Mensa: Mensa for Kids
Access free lesson plans, Mensa’s kids’ magazine, YM2, and online games.

National Association for Gifted Children: What is Giftedness?
Easy-to-use introduction to giftedness, identifying the nature of giftedness and how it is defined.

Ohio Department of Education (ODE): Gifted Screening and Identification
ODE definition of giftedness and approved testing.

Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Policy on Acceleration for Advanced Learners
ODE policy information on acceleration, including guidelines for testing and case studies.

Open Education Database: 48 Essential Links for the parents of Gifted children
List of organizations, books, blogs and other resources for families with a gifted child.

Prufrock Press Blog
Blog from Prufrock press, a publisher for gifted, advanced, and special needs learners.

VeryWell Family: Gifted Kids Article Collection
Collection of articles on identification, testing, psychology and traits of gifted children.

The following online groups have been recommended by Connecting for Kids families as useful resources for families supporting a gifted or twice-exceptional child:

Connecting for Kids Gifted Children (closed Facebook group)

Twice Exceptional/2e Network International* (closed Facebook group)

*These groups are not affiliated with Connecting for Kids, but may be useful tools for families.

Connecting for Kids families have found the following fact sheets, guides and podcasts useful in educating themselves and others on giftedness and twice-exceptional learners.

Bright Now Podcast
A podcast about parenting and educating K-12 gifted and talented kids from Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY).

Davidson Institute: Twice Exceptionality: A Resource Guide for Parents
Guidebook for parents with information on identification, advocacy and IEPs/504 plans.

National Association for Gifted Children: Acceleration Fact Sheet
Fact sheet for families considering acceleration for their gifted child.

Ohio Department of Education (ODE): Ohio Gifted Education Early Entrance Guide
Fact sheet offering guidance for early entry into kindergarten.

Ohio Department of Education (ODE): The Young Gifted Child
ODE resource of giftedness in early childhood.

Ohio Department of Education (ODE): Twice Exceptional Guide
Guidebook with information on gifted students with disabilities, including discussion of social-emotional needs, instructional planning, and interventions.

More and more mobile applications (apps) are being developed to engage gifted and twice-exceptional learners. The following apps have been used by Connecting for Kids families:

Busy Water (paid app)
Apple AppStore

DIY: Creative Community for Kids
Apple AppStore

Apple AppStore | Google Play

Garage Band
Apple AppStore

Inventioneers Full Version (paid app)
Apple AppStore | Google Play

Kodable (paid app)
Apple AppStore

Lumino City (paid app)
Apple AppStore

The Infinite Arcade by Tinybop (paid app)
Apple AppStore

Space Science Investigations: Plant Growth
Apple AppStore | Google Play

Swift Playgrounds
Apple AppStore

Wizard School (paid app)
Apple AppStore

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