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Find Local Mental Health Providers

Once you have identified your family's preferences for a mental health provider, you are ready to begin contacting them. Resources that can help you with this include:

    • Connecting for Kids Service Provider Directory: Includes local providers. Click "Counseling" in the Program/Service column or select the service that best matches your needs.
    • Your Family Physician: Primary care physicians often maintain contacts in the mental health field and can refer patients to professionals they have worked with in the past.
    • Your Insurance Company: Many insurance companies provide a directory of in-network and preferred providers. Call your insurance provider or visit the provider's website to search.

Note: If you are seeking a mental health provider to perform an independent educational evaluation (IEE) at public expense, the provider may be required to meet specific eligibility criteria. Be sure to discuss this with your school district and get any criteria settled ahead of time. For more information, see the Independent Educational Evaluations section of “A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education."

Is it covered?

Insurance providers may cover a certain number of sessions, specific providers, or specific diagnoses. To find out who/what is covered, visit your insurance provider’s website or call the customer service number on your insurance ID card. Keep in mind that your mental health care benefit may be separate from your medical benefit. For suggestions on what to do if a provider is not covered, see below.

What if My Insurance Doesn't Cover a Mental Health Provider?

If mental health services are not covered by your insurance, you may still be able to get help. There are several county-specific free services available (see below) and grants to help families pay for therapy. You can also discuss alternate scheduling with the provider (going every other week, once a month, etc. to reduce costs).

Applewood Centers Inc. (Cuyahoga/Lorain)

Nonprofit agency providing mental health services, social services and education to children, adolescents and families. Services include The Eleanor Gerson School and an array of community-based services including psychiatry, in-home therapy, school-based counseling, prevention and consultation services.

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The Centers for Families and Children (Cuyahoga/Lorain)

Nonprofit, offering services in early learning, health & wellness, workforce development, youth and family services and emergency food distribution.

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The Nord Center (Lorain)

Nonprofit, offering behavioral healthcare services for school-aged children and adolescents.

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OhioGuidestone (Cuyahoga/Lorain)

This nonprofit offers services for families ranging from early childhood and school-based mental health services to parenting classes and a respite care connection.

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