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Every Child's Playground (Avon, OH)

36265 Detroit Rd, Avon, OH 44011

Hours: Daily, dawn-dusk
Restrooms: Portable toilets, 1 handicap accessible
Fenced: No
Roadway/Water Nearby: About 300 yards from Detroit Rd. Next to pool, but the pool is enclosed.
Adapted Equipment: Multiple pieces of adapted equipment

Parent Comments: When this park is finished, it will be a real gem. At the moment, it still has quite a few rough spots - including portable toilets, coarse gravel parking and no fence. There is a huge variety of adapted equipment available, including pieces that engage children with sensory, visual and mobility differences. Playground surface is packed mulch but families report that it is firm enough to get wheels across. There is no shade on the playground but a wooded area and small pavilion are nearby.
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  • The main climber includes panels with different activities, including music, touch panels, a rainbow viewer, and games.
  • There is a paved path leading up to the playground. It converts to mulch around the main pieces but access is open to the glider and harmony circle via pavement.
  • This piece offers hand support and a challenging "obstacle course."
  • The glider is accessed via paved path, has a view of the whole playground and easily accommodates a wheel chair.
  • The harmony circle is accessed via paved path and has several engaging games children can play by themselves or with a friend/team.
  • Adapted swings for older kids and for toddlers. 16" "buddy" shown in each to give a size reference.
  • Spinner chair and rocker on the main climber. 16" "buddy" shown to give size reference.
  • Games panels on the main climber.
  • Sensory panels on the main climber.
  • Counting and exploring panels on the main climber.
  • Music panels on the main climber.
  • This fire truck activity area offers lots of sensory activities.
  • A new and more challenging climbing structure, added in 2019.
  • This activity, suitable for older children, is similar to a zip-line. Riders sit on a swing and are able to swing down the incline into a circular structure.
  • A section of musical toys is accessible at the back of the playground.

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