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Sensory Issues

Does your child struggle with too much or too little sensory input? Is he or she bothered by noises, constantly spinning or crashing into things, unable to wear certain clothing or showing other signs of sensory issues? There is help for children who struggle to modulate sensory inputs - from occupational therapy to sensory diets and more.

Children with attention issues, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), giftedness, or learning disabilities may also experience sensory issues due to an inability to process information in their environments.

This page includes links to resources where you can learn more about sensory issues or find help for your child. We also encourage you to contact us for additional personalized support.

Concerned About Your Child's Sensory Issues?

Connecting for Kids' Empower the Parent program shows you how to get started finding help.

Promote Awareness

Connecting for Kids' "You Don't Know what You Don't Know" poster campaign (shown left) can help you promote awareness for your child's struggles. Learn more.

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