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Do you work outside the home? If so, what do you do? I am a stay-at-home mom and a part-time writing/web design consultant. (Karla recently redesigned the Connecting for Kids website and also is responsible for creating our Resource and How-To Guides).

What do you do to relax? Crochet

Are you an active member of Connecting for Kids? Yes, I attend programs, volunteer and serve as a parent mentor.

What benefits has Connecting for Kids brought to you and your family? Connecting for Kids has helped me to connect with other parents who share my journey and to find resources to help my child.

Which Connecting for Kids resources have you tapped into to help your child? Programs such as the Parent Discussion Groups and Coffee and Chats as well as events like the Meet & Greet. I have also used the Professionals and Programs Directory. I look to Connecting for Kids for community and support, awareness and education.

Which have been your favorite Connecting for Kids resources? I like the Coffee and Chats for their informal setting and the Resource Guides.

The hardest thing for me to learn was... (and still is) to take time for myself. It is so difficult for me to knowingly reach for my ʺoxygen maskʺ first when I see someone else (especially my child) struggling. Yet, time and time again, it seems that I have to learn the hard way -- if I can't breathe, I'm never going to be able to help someone else to.

The worst thing about parenting a child who struggles is...
giving up those expectations for how you felt your life would be. I was going to be the awesome mom -- the museum mom who shows the kids cool science experiments in the kitchen. But when you have a child who struggles to pay attention or to ʺkeep it togetherʺ in public places, well, you have to change your expectations. It doesn't mean we're going to quit trying to go to the museum -- it just means we're going to have to take smaller steps to get there.

Karla is the parent of one child and a foreign exchange student.

Karla's Favorites

Online Group: CFK Facebook Chat Group

Informational Resources: Pinterest and the CFK Resource Guides

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