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Behavior Concerns

How do you know when your child's behavior should be discussed with your child's Primary Care Physician (PCP)? Akron Children's Hospital has a short video about when you might need to raise your concerns to the child's pediatrician. The video addresses warning signs, common concerns, and when/why children may be referred for specialist treatment.

Remember, control over one's emotions is a developmental process. Just like some children are slower to walk, some children need extra time to learn impulse control, anger management and patience. Working with a professional such as counselor or a psychologist can give your child the "emotional tutoring" they need to learn to manage their behavior.

What if I don't agree with my PCP's recommendation?

Remember, you can always get a second opinion from a different PCP if you don't agree with your PCP's assessment or if he/she won't refer you to a specialist.

Have more questions?

The full Empower the Parent brochures are available as free PDF downloads (readable with Adobe Acrobat Reader). Both English and Spanish language brochures are available. To download the brochures, click here.

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When to discuss behavior concerns with your doctor | Connecting for Kids

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