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By October, Connecting for Kids families already have a lot on their minds. From sports practices to therapies and from homework to play groups, our schedules are booked. But what if we all took some time from this busy month to choose kindness?

Choosing kindness isn't always easy, and teaching kindness can be even more challenging, but CFK would like to challenge your family to take a kindness journey with us this month. Along the way, we'll provide tips and resources for teaching kindness to your children. Together, we can show our children that it's not what we have that makes us who we are - it's what we do with it.

Ready to Get Started?

The sections below include books and ideas to help you get started teaching your child to choose kindness. We will also be featuring content in our newsletter, The Monthly Connect, and on our Facebook page throughout the month of October. We look forward to seeing what you will add to the journey as well!

Nominate a Kind Kid, Parent, or Professional!

CFK is now accepting nominations for the board awards. The board awards recognize individuals in our community who have contributed to the lives of families with a struggling child.

Add your nomination HERE!

Share the Kindness

Join us on Facebook for stories, tips and strategies throughout the month of October. And don't forget to share the kindness this month by tagging your posts with #kindnessCFK

Book recommendations were provided by the children's librarians at Avon Lake Public Library. For more information on this library and Connecting for Kids' other library partners, see Library Outreach.

Recommended Books

The following books have been recommended by local libraries to help teach kindness:

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids (Bucketfilling Books)
C. McCloud

Cara's Kindness
K. Yamaguchi

R. J. Palacio

K. Applegate

Practice Kindness

Here are some ways for children to practice kindness in the community:

Any Age
  • Say hello to others
  • Donate books you are done reading
  • Pick up sticks in a neighbor's yard
  • Clean up, even if you didn't make the mess
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Let someone go ahead of you in line
  • Donate food to a local food pantry
  • Leave chalk messages/art on the sidewalk for others
Preschool Ideas
  • Draw a picture or make a painting for an elderly relative
  • Tell your family you love them
  • Give a hug
  • Share a special toy with a friend
  • Re-use paper when you are drawing
  • Leave kindness stones for others
  • Make a bird feeder and place it at a retirement community
Elementary Age
  • Hold the door for the person behind you
  • Write a thank you letter to a police officer, fireman, soldier or community helper
  • Sit with someone different at lunch
  • Help with yard work
  • Bake cookies for a neighbor
  • Pick up trash in a park

Would you like even more ideas? Visit Pinterest for random acts of kindness lists.

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